The Peter Stannard Group of Companies is a wholly owned Western Australian family business established in 1963.


To honourably achieve a fair return upon investment, compatible with firm, trustworthy principles, absolute integrity and complete fairness to all people with whom we come in contact.


We shall encourage teamwork, and mutual self-respect, fostering wise use of our resources by all our team.


We accept the responsibility to continually seek better methods of providing current and new services to every single one of our customers, at better value. Our business revolves around the design and production of high quality homes that provide each client with satisfaction and a sound investment. We are committed to pursuing excellence in material selection, technology and product innovation.


It is the constant goal of the company to grow in quality to become ‘better’ rather than just ‘bigger’. At the same time, we recognise the absolute need to grow and we intend to develop in a sound and prudent manner.


To provide commitment and direction to our team in a way that will mobilise the energies and resources of our business to serve wholeheartedly the needs of our customers.


Standard Values:

Our commitment to offering affordable building solutions with high quality workmanship have been the key to the success and reputation of the company since 1964. And we are still part of this family owned company today, having built thousands of new homes for West Australian families.

The Stannard Group has the versatility to build everything from single and two storey homes to multi unit sites. Each of our divisions are specialists in their own area, but we all aspire to the same key values that have enabled us to be the longest serving building company in Perth.

Over the years we have put together some of the best and most experienced people in the building industry. From our design consultants through to our supervisors and trades, our one mission is to give the best possible building experience and a home that the Stannard Group and you are proud of.