Peter Stannard Homes is highly focused on offering our discerning clients the services to achieve the higher detail in style, size, finishings and complexity of design that is synonymous with Peter Stannard Homes. Our homes are reflections of each individual client and the one most important outcome is to create what we are widely recognised for, which is “Feels Like Home”.

We offer homes ranging from approximately $330,000 through to $800,000. We are here for our Peter Stannard Homes clients and with you throughout the process from first sitting down and discussing your dreams through to selections, planning and construction creating your dream finished home.

Our Peter Stannard Homes range use what we have found over the many years of building to be the best of quality in materials, that have proven to last and offer our clients long term comfort. Each brand of product or material is chosen for a distinct reason and that is consistently offering greater service, greater product reliability and longevity which all comes back to being about our clients being given a higher standard of home and long term greater investment.


Our brand is positioned to offer affordable homes at a higher level of standard. We offer a vast array of exceptional plans in single storey and double storey homes that are continually evolving in design and style to meet the ever changing environments.

Large rooms and carefully thought out layout enable our clients to relax and know they are able to concentrate on the important things for themselves with their new home. Our consultants are continually in training on products and developing trends and building methods to offer you the most up to date information – all to help you create the best possible new home.

Our homes start in the mid $170,000 price range for the single storeys and go through to our double storey ranges from $220,00 to $400,000. Our design consultants and staff are with each client through the entire process of building from first meeting in the display or office through to the final handing over of your new home’s keys and seeing their finished Ultimate home come to life.


At Ultimate Developments we believe that behind any good development is careful design and planning. Price, time and speed of construction are always the most important factors in any development.

At Ultimate Developments we recognise that it does not need to cost more to do a better job and offer a great product to build your reputation on as a developer. Often it is easy to chase a cheaper price but only then to find out that there are many unforeseen costs that rise up. We believe that it is more important to recognise all the scenarios prior to making your decision and laying out all the information at the beginning so you can make a fully informed decision.

After being around for 55 years we are not about short term gains but long term dependability and security.



Our commitment to offering affordable building solutions with high quality workmanship have been the key to the success and reputation of the company since 1964. And we’re still part of this family owned company today, having built thousands of new homes for West Australian families.

The Stannard Group has the versatility to build everything from single and two storey homes to multi unit sites. Each of our divisions are specialists in their own area, but we all aspire to the same key values that have enabled us to be the longest serving building company in Perth.

Over the years we have put together some of the best and most experienced people in the building industry. From our design consultants through to our supervisors and trades, our one mission is to give the best possible building experience and a home that the Stannard Group and you are proud of.