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If you have already started looking at obtaining a home loan, you will know how confusing is the wide range of products, interest rates, fees and lending policies between lenders.

• Did you know there can be up to a $70,000 difference between what one bank will lend to another?
• Did you know that your bank may ask for a 10% deposit, but the lender across the road may only require a 5% deposit?
• Did you know that, as a first home buyer, you may only require a deposit of 2%  – of which only 1% needs to be genuinely saved?
• Do you know which bank will take all of your overtime into consideration and which bank will take none of it?

In order to assist you with finance for your new home, The Stannard Group have an established relationship with a team of highly experienced finance brokers who specialise in first home buyer and construction finance.

Operating from Yanchep to Bunbury, our brokers will be delighted to visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss what finance options are available to you and which may be the most suitable.

With access to a vast array of bank and non-bank lenders at their disposal they are sure to be able to suggest a suitable option for you, or get you started with advice that will lead you to achieving your home ownership goal.

Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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